Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Those Fancy Cucumber Sandwiches

I found these Valtrompia bread tubes at the thrift store one day. Four of them for $4! It kinda made me grin real wide since the single pans next to my rubber-banded clump were marked somewhere between $2 and $3 each! By the way, can someone PLEASE tell me WHY someone named this poor innocent pretty little bread something like Valtrompia?! I mean really. It's like naming your poor helpless baby Mahitabell or something equally ridiculous. You can be like me and make your own bread or you can be lazy like me and buy that already thinly sliced party bread. Either way, these things are good.

Thinly sliced party bread
Ranch spread
Sliced cucumbers

 The picture is kinda self explanatory... take a piece if bread. Smear on a glob of ranch spread. Top with a cucumber and give a little sprinkle of dill weed. Then realize you took the picture before sprinkling the dill weed. Shrug and carry on. Either way they taste good!

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