Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Yummy Ham & Pickle Things

These things are so good it's ridiculous. I think they take forever to make, just because you have to have everything nice and dry... but they are SO GOOD!!!! It takes 3.5 seconds to empty a plate of them and 3.5 hours to make them. Not quite but they are really good. Or did I already say that once?

Dry off a bunch of baby dill pickles.

Break open a package or three of cream cheese, depending on how many of these you plan on making.

You use the deli sliced ham for this... and dab it dry with a paper towel so
the cream cheese sticks to it.

Spread each slice of ham with cream cheese, and slice the ham in half lengthwise.

If you have REALLY tiny pickles, you can use 4 pickles per slice of ham.
Just set a pickle on each end,

And roll toward the middle.

(If you're confused... I'm sorry. There is no more help for you on this blog.)

 Then cut it in half in between the pickles. Like this:

And here's the 'recipe' LOL!

Deli sliced ham
Cream cheese
Baby dill pickles

Dab the ham dry with a paper towel, spread with cream cheese. Slice the ham in half lengthwise and roll up some baby dills in the ham. I put one pickle on each end of the half ham slice, and roll them towards the middle. Slice them apart and set them all nice and purty on a serving tray.

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